My Youth Began With Him Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Lets Make A Little Human 7

“Not yet,” Huo Mian said truthfully.

“You guys need to hurry up and make a baby” Gao Ran chimed in.

“You guys should too, we can make a baby at the same time Maybe in the future, our kids will get married and we’ll become in-laws.”

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were dumbfounded by what Huo Mian said

“Pfft what are you talking about, we’re still ways away from all that,” Zhu Lingling immediately explained.

“You guys already slept together. If that doesn’t count as something, then what does that make Qin Chu and me?” Huo Mian smiled.

“Hey stop spreading rumors, nothing happened between us last time” Gao Ran was speechless.

Qin Chu added, “Right, nothing happened between you guys, you just ate sunflower seeds all night, okay?”

“Hahaha.” Huo Mian seriously wanted to clap at what her hubby said. She began laughing charmingly again.

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were speechless

“Mr. Qin, can’t we hang out like normal people?” Zhu Lingling asked helplessly.

“You guys need to admit that something’s going on first Then we’ll hang out like normal people You should all tell the truth,” Huo Mian said again.

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were again speechless.

“Thank god you guys got married, no one else in this world would be able to tame either one of you You guys are awful,” Gao Ran exclaimed.

Then, the four of them continued eating and drinking, and Huo Mian’s pinky burn didn’t affect her at all

– Inside a Mercedes Benz RV –

Su Yu, Wei Liao, and Tang Chuan sat inside the RV, listening to music and sipping on wine

“I’m so hungry, we should’ve eaten before we left. We spent 1000 yuan but didn’t even get to eat anything. It’s so pretentious of us,” Tang Chuan complained.

“You can go back if you eat, but our Young Master Su’s heart almost broke upon seeing Huo Mian getting burnt He won’t have the appetite to eat.” Wei Liao laughed.

“How can you be in the mood to laugh? Isn’t Jiang Xiaowei getting engaged tomorrow?”

“Do you want me to cry instead? Plus, nothing’s going on with us.” Wei Liao smiled faintly.

Su Yu didn’t say anything but was quietly looking out the RV window

As soon as Huo Mian burned her pinky, he really wanted to immediately stand up and rush up to her

But then, he suddenly realized that he didn’t have the right to

He didn’t even have the right to ask if she was okay as a friend

Huo Mian once said that they weren’t even friends

But why was he so heartbroken, seeing her hurt? He felt awful, as if he was the one who was burnt

Was he too far gone?

“Young Master Su, don’t worry Huo Mian’s fine It’s just a tiny burn. Plus, did you see how fast she reacted? She ran like a bunny. I didn’t even realize what happened until after she went back to her table, hahaha!” Wei Liao consoled him.

Su Yu remained silent

Nothing could get his spirits up

The three of them happily went to that restaurant for some pig feet but ended up running into Huo Mian

Was it luck or disaster? Wei Liao felt like Su Yu was way too desperately in love with her

He loved her more and more each day

What was worse was that he constantly tried to control himself He didn’t want to court her in such a flashy way, because he didn’t want to make Huo Mian’s life harder than it needed to be.

Therefore, he controlled himself It was hard for a hot-tempered man like him to conceal his true feelings towards a woman.

“Su Yu um you’ve been suppressed for too long, I think you need to vent Since you don’t like sleeping with the celebrities under your label, why don’t we go abroad and look for some foreign chicks? Oh, and I know the manager of a few celebrity groups in Korea, we can take our pick”