My Youth Began With Him Chapter 708

Chapter 708 A Different Kind Of Challenge 9

Su Yu wasn’t the only one who thought that; so did everyone else in the ballroom

Huo Mian, on the other hand, thought it was interesting

Like her, Jiang Xiaowei was a weird and unique woman who never followed common sense.

However, because of the way she was, her life was constantly filled with surprises.

“What is our daughter trying to do?” Jiang Xiaowei’s parents were speechless.

Du Jianan’s parents were as embarrassed as could be

Their future daughter-in-law was picking another fiance and getting engaged on the spot, was that a good idea?

The people below talked amongst themselves

There were quite a few eligible bachelors in the room, and Jiang Xiaowei was a catch.

However, no one went up to the stage; one, they didn’t want to become the center of attention. Two, it didn’t seem like a reliable deal.

It would suck if they ended up pissing off the Du family

“Ask your daughter to come down, it’s embarrassing,” Mrs. Du said.

“Embarrassing? Is it as embarrassing as what your son did? He ran away with that secretary of his, don’t think we didn’t know about it. We were willing to let it go since they weren’t married yet but I can’t believe he would do something like this on the day of their engagement party and leave my daughter to clean up his mess. If you guys don’t want to save face, then why should we? I support my daughter, if she finds someone better than your son, then we’re more than willing.”

What Mrs. Jiang said greatly embarrassed the Du Family.

Three minutes passed, but no one went up to the stage

Jiang Xiaowei was starting to look awkward

Huo Mian looked at Su Yu and Wei Liao. “Don’t you guys want to go up?”

“Why should I? I’m not the one who likes her.” Su Yu calmly sipped on his blueberry juice.

Wei Liao, on the other hand, seemed to be struggling

Ever since he was a young boy, he had always calculated each step he took and never acted rashly

He really liked Jiang Xiaowei, but

He still had a lot to worry about

Huo Mian said faintly, “In love, all encounters on this earth are accidental, but all goodbyes are planned out I know that you’re someone who likes to plan things out, but love isn’t something that can be planned, because you never know when it’ll knock on your door and when it’ll leave. Life is filled with surprises because of all these uncertain factors I don’t know if I guessed right, but I think you like Xiaowei and I think Xiaowei likes you too If that’s the case, then why not? If you save her from this crisis, she might one day save you on the battlefield.”

It was an era of peace, so there weren’t any literal battlefields

Huo Mian was talking about the metaphorical battlefield that was Wei Liao’s past relationships

He had never met anyone he truly loved, but maybe Xiaowei was the one

Huo Mian’s words touched the bottom of Su Yu’s heart

Then, she elbowed Wei Liao. “Go on, it’s now or never.”

Finally, Wei Liao bit down on his teeth, sorted out his suit, and walked towards the stage

His white suit matched Xiaowei’s white cocktail dress perfectly. Was it fate?

After Wei Liao got onto the stage, Su Yu looked at Huo Mian. “You sure are chatty when it comes to other people’s relationships, but why are you such an idiot when it comes to your own?”

“How am I an idiot?” Huo Mian glared at Su Yu.

Su Yu fell silent for a few seconds and swallowed the words he originally wanted to say.

Instead, he changed the topic, “Is it okay for us to push Young Master Wei Like this?”

“We didn’t push them they like each other, okay?” Huo Mian was almost certain that with Jiang Xiaowei’s IQ, she would never openly pick a stranger to be her fiance.

She only did this because she wanted Wei Liao to come up to the stage

Things were going a little fast between them, but at this time and year, anything was possible

When Wei Liao got onto the stage, Jiang Xiaowei’s hanging heart finally fell back into place

In the end, he didn’t disappoint her

The guests all went wild upon seeing Wei Liao walk up to the stage

“Isn’t that the second son of the Wei Family? He’s pretty good looking.”

“Yeah, is he getting engaged to Jiang Xiaowei? But the Wei Family doesn’t know about it yet, do they?”

The crowd went crazy

Wei Liao walked slowly up to Jiang Xiaowei, and held her hand in his, in front of all the guests.