My Youth Began With Him Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Doctor Huo I Want To Get A Check Up 7

“Auntie, I’ve been eating with several government officials recently, and I found out that your place here is going to be demolished soon; this entire area is being knocked down so that they can further develop the city. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the government plans to build cheap housing or to sell to other real estate developers, this place is unsalvageable. This request has already been approved, and you should receive a notice around New Year’s, so in no more than two months.”

“That soon?” Jing Zhixin was a bit surprised.

Huo Mian was a bit surprised as well, as Qin Chu never told her about this.

Yang Meirong seemed calmer than expected

“I already know, so I’ve been prepared for it I already predicted that this would come when the Huo Corporation wanted to demolish this house we will lose this piece of land sooner or later. Your Auntie Wu has relatives at the demolition office and they’ve also said that a new community will be built here, so it’s only a matter of time that these old houses of ours will be torn down.”

“Mom” Huo Mian really wanted to comfort her mother, but she didn’t know what to say.

Just then, Qin Chu added, “So I found you and Zhixin a new place to live. It’s a building under GK on the south side new developments. It isn’t very far from where Mian works, and it’s a good place for retirement since I know you don’t like living in downtown. The overall environment and air there is great, and the building is high-end, so it’s very safe and you can enjoy it. You won’t have to worry about Zhixin though. This is your retirement home, and when Zhixin gets married later on, I’ll buy him a new place to live.”

After Qin Chu finished speaking, he placed a few sets of keys on the table

“Auntie, I’m very sorry that I made this decision before getting your approval first. It’s building #2 at Sky Blessing Court, located in the new residential area on the south side of town. It has a loft-style layout and is 220 square meters in total. It has already been renovated, and I’ve prepared everything, so all you guys need to do is move in and considering that you like to plant vegetables, I’ve already reserved a small garden for you in advance. Considering your age, I think the loft-style townhouse suits you very well, and the two of us would be able to visit you guys often.”

“Sky Blessing Court. I know that community. Uhm aren’t prices already as high as 25,000 yuan per square meter? Brother-in-law I can’t believe you bought us a 220-square-meter townhouse, just like that. You sure are capricious.”

“Honey… how come I didn’t know about this?” Huo Mian was extremely moved.

Qin Chu quietly did all of this without saying anything to her. This truly was a surprise.

Huo Mian looked at her mother worriedly, and originally thought that given her temper, she would refuse

To Huo Mian’s surprise, however, her mother picked up the keys and said, “Sounds good, I can’t stay here anymore. I have to move away sooner or later If I’m closer to Mian, then I can help you take care of your child in the future.”

“Mom are you agreeing to this?” Zhixin asked with bits of excitement.

“Why are you still asking? Mom just agreed, we’ll have a new place to live in the future.”

“Thanks, Auntie,” Qin Chu finally felt relieved, glad that Huo Mian’s mother didn’t refuse.

“I should thank you instead. You’re very considerate. This place must be very expensive.”

“It wasn’t, it’s built by our company anyways,” Qin Chu smiled and replied.

“Mom when are you moving? Save me a room, that way I can head over for food and stay overnight when I’m free in the future.”

Huo Mian hugged her mother’s shoulders like a little child

The entire family was all very happy

Before they left, Qin Chu took out an invitation. “Auntie, this is an invitation to our thirty-year-anniversary party. You and Zhixin must come, and you can invite some of your friends along as well, there will be a Beijing Opera performance.”

“That’s wonderful and a famous Beijing Opera artist will be there as well. Your Auntie Wu and the others love her.”

Huo Mian’s mother held the invitations with great excitement

At the same time, she truly approved of Qin Chu. He indeed was too caring and considerate

He pleased them so all because he loved Huo Mian. It was indeed: ‘love me, then love my family’

On the way back, Qin Chu suddenly said, “Honey, should we get my brother-in-law a new car? The Chevrolet looks a bit cheap.”