Myriad Realms Grand Manager With A God Class Systemrevised Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Chapter 170: Krypton gold troupe!

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"Magicians rest on the spot and replenish magic power."

"Warrior move forward, follow the heavy knights, and counterattack the group of monsters."

"Priests camp be ready for providing treatment."

The assault instructions quickly reached the City Guards.


As for the structure of the army, after the combination of different classes and ranks, the structure of the army is not simple at all.

And the name of the department does not convey that the department is made up of a specific class, but rather the department's purpose and intention.

For example, soldiers who are enrolled in the City Guard Warrior Battalion have the intention of being a fighter, the martial arts they practice and the equipment they use are also generally fighting type.

(But they might be a warrior, assassin, etc)

The same can be said for magicians and priests.

However, although the composition of the departments has become complicated, in the end, there are still only three main categories.





With the support of equipment and pills from Qi Le's store, the city guards soon began to attack and kill the remaining demon beasts.

The priest's auxiliary magic also fell on the warriors and heavy knights who were engaged with the Demon Beasts.

At the side of the battlefield.

Qin Ming breathed a sigh of relief, staring at the monster corpses on the ground, his eyes were burning with passion.

That's a lot of magic cores, if they were all taken to the store manager's store, how many good equipments could be bought.

Before he knew it, Qin Ming's thinking began to change.

And without even knowing it, Qi Le had gained another Krypton gold troupe.




"What are you talking about? Even this group of beasts did not cause much casualties to those mere humans?" Naga sat on the bone chair, with an imposing manner, looking condescendingly at the orc soldier before it.

"Yes, leader Naga, that's the information we got from intelligence on the front line." The orc soldier said quickly.

"Are there any other discoveries?" Naga asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Not yet."

"I see, keep looking."


The orc soldier received the order and immediately walked out of the military tent.

At this time, an old orc with animal bones on his head, a necklace of bone teeth on his neck, a linen robe on his body, with a walking stick walked into the military tent.

"Pastor (male priest) Nalo, why are you here?" Naga raised his brows and asked.

"Naga, the situation at the front does not seem to be very good." Priest Nalo did not pay any attention to the question Naga raised and said slowly.

After hearing the words, the naga smiled and said. "Pastor Nalo should not be worried, these trivial human beings aren't worth anything."

"I came here to talk to you about this matter." Priest Nalo's paused for a while and then said slowly,

"I've seen the front line. Those humans are not strong at all."

"I know." Naga frowned.

"You know nothing, all of Cloud Mist City's standard weapons and armors have been replaced. I suspect that there is a problem with those humans equipment." Priest Nalo coughed and said the key issue.


Naga's eyes widened.

The priest Nalo coughed twice before taking a breath and continuing "That's why I say you don't learn nor are you skilled."

"The Cloud Mist City's standard equipment is also the standard equipment of the Huangyan Empire."

"But this time, the equipment of the Cloud Mist City Guards is different from the standard equipment of the Huangyuan Empire."

"If you can't improve your strength quickly, using better weapons and armor is indeed a good choice."

Priest Nalo's analysis is quite precise.

This is something even Qin Ming would have never thought about.


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