Mythical Beast Summoner Chapter 933

Chapter 933: Tianshan Chalcedony

"Then thank you in advance, brother!" Li Zhenbang gave Zhen Shoucai his hand. Although he said it was sincere, he was very clear in his heart.

Zhen Shoucai is not a good stubbornness. It is the so-called no treacherous no business. If he is not useful to him, he can create value for him, I am afraid he will not agree to himself.

But this is not a bad thing. If the benefits are tied together, as long as the benefits are large enough, they can often be tied together for a long time.

"My brother is polite. Tell me, what do you want me to do, how can I help you?" Zhen Shoucai waved his hand and went directly to the topic.

"I need you to help me create public opinion and use public opinion to build momentum for me!" Li Zhenbang's eyes narrowed.

"Building momentum? What kind of momentum?" Zhen Shoucai looked at Li Zhenbang suspiciously.

"Public opinion builds momentum! Since they can wrong me and build momentum so big, then trouble you to build it back for me! I will not only build momentum in the Carlo Empire this time, but also spread the momentum to the entire east and west continents. The ability to gather wealth, surely it's not a difficult thing, right?" Li Zhenbang looked at Zhen Shoucai with bright eyes.

"This..." Zhen Shoucai groaned, but did not immediately agree.

This matter seems simple, but it actually involves a lot. Not only will it involve Jinguang City, but also the entire Carlo Empire, and may even cause instability in the east and west continents.

The undead magician is the heart disease of all people, and it is the enemy of the God Bless Alliance. If there is a hype about the presence of necromancers in the Carlo Empire, and there may even be collusion with the nobles of the Carlo Empire, doesn't it give the Gods and Bless Alliance a reasonable excuse?

Besides, this time, the big prophet of the Twilight Federation was mixed in. Once this public opinion really spreads, the consequences will be unimaginable.

If that is the case, I am afraid that the whole East and West continents will probably be about to have another world war. If Fredham City is involved again, the peaceful world will be completely broken, and the whole world will be completely messed up.

Although Zhen Shoucai has done a lot of business and started in the Eastern Continent, he is ultimately a member of the Carlo Empire and a member of the Western Continent.

Furthermore, once a war breaks out, many people will take risks in order to survive, and Zhen Shoucais route of stable shipments from the east and west will be affected. Under this situation, their business will be greatly affected. This is He never wanted to see it.

"Don't worry, I won't let you work in vain." Li Zhenbang would be wrong, thinking that Zhen Shoucai wanted benefits, so he took out a jade box and handed it over.

The jade box is very exquisite, tightly fitted, no traces can be seen, just like a complete jade. Surrounded by auspicious clouds, just this jade box is very valuable, and the things in that jade box are definitely not ordinary.

"Brother, what do you mean? Isn't this too outrageous?" Zhen Shoucai did not take the jade box, but looked at Li Zhenbang with an angry look.

"Brother, you misunderstood me this time. I came to see you this time for two things. The first thing is to help me fight back against public opinion. The second thing is to give you this thing. No matter if you help If you don't help me create public opinion, this thing is for you." Li Zhenbang put the jade box on the table and smiled at Zhen Shoucai.

"I know you don't like anything in general, brother, and with your financial and material resources, it is not difficult to want anything, but this thing must be something you can't refuse." Li Zhenbang is very true. Said confidently.

"Oh? Can't refuse? I can accept feelings, but what can't be refused?" Although Zhen Shoucai looked at Li Zhenbang in confusion.

Indeed, as Li Zhenbang said, what can't be obtained if he wants? One is because of money, and the other is because of ways. There are many things that are difficult to obtain, whether it is the best medicinal materials or artifacts, as long as he is given enough time, it is really not too difficult for him to obtain.

"Brother, let me ask you a few questions first. Your strength always stays at the level of a black iron warrior. Are you willing?" Li Zhenbang asked softly.

"This..." Zhen Shoucai's mouth twitched. As the saying goes, slaps people without slaps, and swearing doesn't expose shortcomings, Li Zhenbang's remarks pierced his heart.

"I believe that with your status, you should have tried all the medicines that cleanse the essence and marrow, but your age has limited your future development. I am afraid that the panacea that cleanses the essence and marrow may not be particularly effective?" Li Zhenbang leaned against the back of the chair and changed a comfortable posture.

"You won't tell me that there is a baby that can enhance my strength, right?" Zhen Shoucai's face changed slightly, but he quickly returned to normal.

"Brother, don't you know if you open it?" Li Zhenbang raised his hand at Zhen Shoucai, motioning him to open the jade box.

"Brother, I really don't want to hide it. With my financial resources and identity, I have tried many miraculous medicines and rare treasures, but unfortunately none of them have very good results. I actually don't have much hope of improving my strength." Zhen Shoucai shook his head, obviously not expecting Li Zhenbang's jade box.

He has tried too many rare and exotic treasures, as long as he can buy them, he has basically tried them, but the final effect is not particularly satisfactory, and the strength is still stuck in the bottleneck of the Black Iron Warrior.

As a person in charge of the entire Jucaiyuan Chamber of Commerce, how could Zhen Shoucai be willing to be an ordinary black iron warrior all his life?

Zhen Shoucai wanted to improve his strength not because he wanted to be a powerful master. He knew very well that not only was his talent not good, but because he was from a poor family when he was young, he had already missed the best practice period.

You know, with his current financial status, how could there be no masters around him? When something happened, he didn't need to take action by himself.

The main reason is that the stronger the person is, the longer the life expectancy is. Of course, the premise is not to do some dying things. For example, the golden warrior must provoke the saint-level powerhouse, it will definitely die miserably.

Needless to say, people like Zhen Shoucai who are wealthy and wealthy, even an ordinary rich man, if conditions permit, will find ways to extend his life.

The richer people are, the more they want to live longer, and the most common way is to improve their strength. Otherwise, after earning so much money, I will burp before I enjoy it, and I won't be comfortable with anyone.

In fact, Zhen Shoucai has also obtained some drugs that can forcefully enhance strength, but those drugs are often achieved at the expense of vitality or potential. He originally wanted to improve his strength for longevity, so it was impossible to use those medicines.

"I wonder if you have ever heard of something called Tianshan Chalcedony?" Li Zhenbang raised his eyebrows and said casually.

Hearing the four words Tianshan Chalcedony, Zhen Shoucai couldn't help trembling. As a person who wants to improve his strength, how could he have not heard of the name Tianshan Chalcedony.

Tianshan Chalcedony comes from the depths of the Tianshan Cold Spring in the extreme north, which is a place that even the Saint-level powerhouses dare not easily set foot in. If you enter the cold spring rashly, even the Saint-level strong will be frozen to pieces.

Even if there is a way to enter the Tianshan cold spring, the scope of the Tianshan cold spring is too large, and no one knows where Tianshan chalcedony will be produced.

Although Tianshan chalcedony comes from the extremely cold Tianshan cold spring, Tianshan chalcedony itself is warm. If you take it directly, even just one drop can achieve the effect of washing the marrow and forging the body.

This is nothing. The most powerful thing about Tianshan Chalcedony is that as long as there is a sufficient amount of Tianshan Chalcedony, an ordinary person can be directly turned into a water magician.

If the water magician takes Tianshan Chalcedony for a long time, there will be no promotion bottleneck. As long as the time is long enough, the magic power is accumulated enough, and the spiritual power meets the promotion conditions, he can be directly promoted to the next level magician. If the chance is sufficient, It is also possible to become a water sage magister.

Zhen Shoucai also tried to purchase Tianshan Chalcedony at a high price, and even wanted to exchange it with the artifact, but in the end he didn't even see the shadow of Tianshan Chalcedony. He just got some ambiguity and no practical news.

"What's inside of there news of Tianshan Chalcedony...?" Zhen Shoucai's breathing became a bit rapid, and his voice was trembling.

Tianshan chalcedony is liquid, and the jade box is not used to hold liquid. Ten thousand steps back, even if the jade box can contain Tianshan chalcedony, Tianshan chalcedony is too precious and rare. Given his relationship with Li Zhenbang, Zhen Shoucai does not expect Li Zhenbang to give him a box of Tianshan chalcedony.

Li Zhenbang smiled and shook his head.

Although Zhen Shoucai had thought of the impossibility in his heart, when he knew the result, he would inevitably still feel a little lost.

"It's much more precious than the news of Tianshan Chalcedony!" Li Zhenbang said unhurriedly, seeing the loss on Zhen Shoucai's face.

"The news is more precious than Tianshan Chalcedony? Is it possible...Is it possible...Is...Yes..." Zhen Shoucai's newly lost heart directly pointed to the eyes of his throat, his heart beating rapidly, and he felt that his heart was about to explode.

Li Zhenbang did not speak, but nodded.

Zhen Shou Caifei also stood up and held the jade box in his hand. His hands trembled, the palms of his hands were full of sweat, his eyes fixed on the jade box, his breathing became unusually heavy, and his eyes were a little red. .

"Brother, let's open it!" Li Zhenbang saw Zhen Shoucai's appearance, and was really afraid that he would drop the jade box on the ground.

"Ah? Well...well..." Zhen Shoucai promised, but didn't really open it, but still stared at the jade box in a daze.

"Brother...Brother..." Li Zhenbang couldn't help but yelled again.

"Ah? Ah! OK... OK..." Zhen Shoucai held the jade box in his arms and opened the box carefully with trembling hands.

"This...what is this?" Zhen Shoucai glanced at the contents of the jade box, and raised his head to look at Li Zhenbang in surprise.