Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Closed room training (2)


People turned rigid at the words. Yeowun had not given much orders or directions until now, so what could the homework be? Hu Bong asked with a confused look, "Master what homework are you"

"You are required to complete two homework assignments until I come out of the closed room. This is not a request, but an order."

At Yeowun's voice, all members got up from their seats. If it was an order from the Master, they had to follow it. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"First, all of you need to pass the fourth test before I come out."


Jin Guuk, a member of an ordinary soldier family, asked back squeamishly. He barely passed the third test out of luck, so he wasn't sure if he could pass the fourth test too. Other members from low-ranked clans also felt nervous. But those from the high-ranked clans, including the Six Swords, answered immediately.

"Yes, Master!"