Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Closed room training (3)

After Hu Bong's heart-touched bow, Chun Yeowun began calling up names to give them copied martial arts books. All cadets were glad to receive three master level martial art books. When four cadets, including Jin Guuk received their book as the first group, they became shocked.


"W-what is this?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

All four of them became shocked and Ja Wumin asked them why.

"What's up this time?"

At his question, Jin Guuk flashed the book cover at Ja Wumin. It had the title of the martial art.

[Sword Art of the Flying Wind]

It was different from what Hu Bong had received it. It was the sword skill used by a Flying Wind clan, sub-clan of the Sword Clan. Members who did not yet receive their books became confused.

"I-I got a Great Bear Fist from the Bear Fist Clan."

Machil showed the book to others with a dumbfounded look. Just like Jin Guuk, it was different from Hu Bong's and Jin Guuk's.

"What? Bear Fist?"