Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Master is back (1)

First day of closed room training

The building of closed room training was located in the northwestern corner of the Demonic Academy. Yeowun had passed the fourth test by defeating Sang Munyo in the empty lot at the back of the building. The building had a total of sixty rooms, and Chun Yeowun was the first one to request to use it.

The room was a bit bigger than the private training room Yeowun had been using. The main difference was that there was a bed made out of hay, a jar of grains, and a water pipe that flowed from outside. Yeowun checked inside the jar and checked the amount of grains to be enough to feed himself for four years within the academy.

'I asked for a lot, and they did give me a lot.'

Yeowun told them that he would only come out once he achieved an acceptable result, and it was prepared accordingly. There was no telling as to how long it might take for him to become a grandmaster level warrior.

'Shall we start with the plan then?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.