Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Secret of Demon Seal Cave (1)

As instructors led the way to the north corner of the academy, Senior Instructor Hou Jinchang glanced back at Chun Yeowun who was following them.

'This is really amazing.'

Hou Jingchang was astounded. In these three years, he also trained hard and achieved the end stage of being a grandmaster level warrior. As an instructor, he did not want to feel ashamed against these fast-growing cadets. However, Yeowun had grown much stronger than him now.

'Is it the blood?'

The Chun family ruled the cult for hundreds of years. Hou Jinchang became curious as to what kind of change Chun Yeowun would bring to the cult. Soon, they reached the ragged building.

Demon Seal Cave.

The building looked like it was going to crumble down at any moment. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'You will pass the fifth test easily at your level, Master.'