Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Secret of Demon Seal Cave (2)

The writing was so large that it was hard to recognize what it said from close up. And the writing was written with a sword.

'This writing'

It was the same writing style that was written on blue pearl stone pedestal. Surely this was written by Father Chun Ma.

'Does this mean something is sealed behind it?'

Yeowun then realized the name of this cave was Demon Seal Cave, meaning it sealed a demon. He just thought it was a generic name, but he came to the realization that there was something more to it. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'Then is there something sealed behind this giant wall?'

It seemed like the secret was beyond this wall. And it was then.

'It's that sound again!'

He heard the growling sound of an animal again, but it was much clearer than before. The sound came from beyond the wall. Yeowun looked down at his arms that had goosebumps. He had become very rational after entering the superior level, but this cry gave him the feeling of a demonic presence.

'Should I not touch it?'