Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Secret of Demon Seal Cave (3)

The black dragon serpent charged at Yeowun. He quickly took steps to avoid being attacked, but the dragon serpent quickly followed Yeowun. Each time its fang struck the wall, the wall crumbled down. Yeowun had to be on the move entire time to not get struck by the dragon serpent's powerful attack. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'The cave might fall down.'

It was weird that the cave was still holding up. It wasn't sure how such a large dragon serpent was locked up here, but it looked like it was possible for the dragon serpent to just make a hole through the cave to escape.

'Maybe the entire place beyond that wall is made out of blue pearl stone?'

If it was, then there was no way for dragon serpent to escape from it. If this went on, the cave was going to collapse. And if it did, then Yeowun was going to do die.

'I have no choice. Let's lure it into the stone room.'

Yeowun then ran through the cave wall with his running skill, circling around and the snake moved his body to catch up to Yeowun.