Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (1)

Originally, cadets who passed the fifth test were required to report to the Chief right away, but Yeowun was soaked in such a foul stench that he was sent to the dorm to clean up first. When he got to the dorm, Yeowun took a shower. It took him an hour of washing to remove the stench. He then twisted the clothes to extract all the black liquid and collected it all into a bowl. This wasn't the end. He also had to collect the black liquid collected in the leather blade scabbard he had that had lost its blade after his Butterfly Dance blade had shattered.

'This should be enough.'

He collected this liquid because of what happened inside the cave. After Yeowun was satisfied with his increased power, he tried to continue on. However, his body was heating up inexplicably so he had to sit down and meditate. After ten minutes, the toxic elements within his body were pushed out. And when it did, his internal energy began to flow much better.

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