Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (2)

Lee Hameng stayed behind while everyone left his office. He grabbed the silver medal that Chun Yeowun had returned and thought. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'He's grown much.'

Yeowun was completely different from three years ago. He was no longer a boy who was eager to avenge his mother. He knew he could challenge one of the twelve elders, but he held back his emotions. This looked just like the cold-hearted Lord who was a father to the boy.

[Is there any specific elder you wish to challenge?]

[Is it okay if I think about it for a while?]

Yeowun had grown very thoughtful and did not act on impulse. Hameng thought that Yeowun would choose to fight Baek Oh, the leader of the Poison Clan for Yeowun's hatred toward poison.

'He is too dangerous to just challenge for revenge.'