Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Completing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon (5)

When Yeowun got out of the library, it was completely dark. The winter made the sun to go down much faster. The instructor outside the library, who was ready to stay late, was happy to see Yeowun coming down so early. As Yeowun returned the candle, he thought of something he forgot.

'Please tell us where you are going, so we won't be worried!'

It was something Hu Bong told him a long time ago. He had forgotten about it completely as he was too into going to see the fifth formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. It was possible that his members would be looking after him through the academy. It was even more so when Mun Ku and Hu Bong were ambushed.

'Where will they be?'

Yeowun then walked down toward the private training room building and saw two people in the dark alleyway.

"Hu Bong?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

It was Hu Bong and Jin Guuk. Yeowun found them before they ran around looking for them. They too had found Yeowun coming down from the library and came running after.