Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 125

Chapter 125: The sixth test (2)

'This isn't just being reckless.'

Yeowun chose the leader of Wise Clan, First Elder Mu Jinwon. Aside from the Lord himself, Mu Jinwon was one of the top two warriors along with the Great Guardian Marakim. Mu Jinwon had not fought against the Lord as of yet, but there was no one who had defeated Mu Jinwon until now, and Yeowun had chosen him to fight, which made Hameng frown.

'Is he out of his mind?'

This was the worst choice one could ever make. Whatever his thinking was, it seemed it was impossible. Yeowun just had become a superior warrior, so there was no way for him to fight against Mu Jinwon who had hit the end stage of the superior level tens of years ago.

This was due to warriors who guarded the library not needing to report to the Chief immediately as they had to stand guard at the library at all times. Lee Hameng did not know that Yeowun had reached the end superior level yet. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'So, he is not aware of my power then.'