Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 128

Chapter 128: The sixth test (5)

Elders of the Demonic Cult were both leaders of their respective clan and also one of the most powerful warriors of the cult. Unlike everyone's expectation where the elder, as an experienced warrior and senior as a cultist, will allow a first chance for Yeowun, the elder Baek Oh charged in with an ambush.


'That's an ambush!'

All of Yeowun's members were shocked and surprised. But as the staff that held force qi struck into Yeowun, his body faded and disappeared.

'Ah!' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Mirror Image. It was the outcome of one moving so quickly that it left a trace of himself in the spot. It was the result of moving just before being struck, so that even the strongest warriors were hard to notice.

'He used Mirror Image against me?!'

Baek Oh then calmly twisted the staff and unleashed defensive formation toward his back. Chun Yeowun then appeared from back of Baek Oh and took five steps back to avoid defensive formation.

'He's quick.'