Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 129

Chapter 129: The sixth test (6)


Doctor God. The best doctor in the world who earned the nickname of a god. He was a legendary doctor who was said to heal anyone unless the one is dead. There were a lot of rumors but no one knew who or where he was. But everyone was certain of his skill. This was information Baek Oh wanted to know so badly who wanted to heal his grandson. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'How can I believe that what you know is true?'

She then showed Baek Oh an orange tag. It had an engraving of the doctor's sign.

'My grandfather once received this tag from the Doctor God a long time ago. He told me you can meet him if you bring this tag to a certain place.'

Lady Mu's grandfather was former Wise Clan leader, Mu Jinking. He was the hero of the Demonic Cult who had made many legendary feats at the war against the world 50 years ago. Baek Oh had to accept her offer, as he had to take any chances.

'So, do I need to just accept the request?'

'You must kill him.'

'Lady Mu. Others can kill him too.'