Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The sixth test (7)

Yeowun's members despaired at the thick cloud of poisonous gas that corrupted all surfaces it touched to blackness. This poison was sure to melt Yeowun to his bones.


Hu Bong screamed in shock and Mun Ku looked down with her teary eyes as she couldn't bear to see it. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'Why did you have to fight the Poison Clan'

She felt she could not hold tears back if she watched longer. It was then.


They saw someone being thrown way to the back within the fading purple gas cloud, about halfway back of the training ground. It was so powerful that the figure struck on the ground multiple times while being thrown back, creating large crater each time. Everyone then turned to the person inside the crater. It was Baek Oh, the leader of the Poison Clan.



And through the poison cloud, Chun Yeowun walked out from it and all cadets roared in excitement.