Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Hidden underground treasure (1)

'So I can't put him down with the White Dragon Blade' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yeowun narrowed his eyes. Baek Oh wasn't a target he could deal with by using the Butterfly Blade Dance. Yeowun then placed down his blade and Baek Oh became excited.

'No one can defeat the Poison Man!'

As Baek Oh stepped one step forward to finish it, Yeowun then brought the White Dragon Blade up in the air. The blade then shined with blue force qi.

"Fool! So, you will fight to the end?!"

Baek Oh then focused poison into his both hands and charged. That's when Yeowun struck the blade into the ground. As the blade struck into the ground, all debris and clouds kicked up with a loud explosive sound, clouding everything around Baek Oh and Yeowun.

"Foolish tricks!"

Baek Oh knew where Yeowun was already. As Baek Oh charged in, with the sound of something being stacked up, Baek Oh felt terrifying demonic energy from within that he had never felt until now.

'What is this?!'