Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Hidden underground treasure (2)

'Well, whatever the case this is now a declaration of war.'

The war was to start the moment Academy was to be finished, but now Yeowun had cut off the head of one of the leaders of the six clans, so all the six clans were to now be wary of Yeowun.

'But he used the poison to kill Chun Yeowun under everyone's watch.'

Yeowun had every reason to kill as it was Baek Oh who tried to kill him first. And with the witnesses present, there was no way this will come back to Yeowun. But it was sure that the Poison Clan might do something.

Chun Muyeon, from the Wise Clan clenched on his fist so hard that his nails stuck into his fist and turned away.


His members, who almost shouted with excitement from such an outstanding feat, quickly followed Chun Muyeonn out from the training ground. And just like everyone else, Lee Hameng was also astounded. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'He cut the head off from Elder Baek with his Poison Man state'