Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Hidden underground treasure (3)

Chun Yeowun was shocked from the changed attitude of Lee Hameng. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"I am not sure what this means, sir."

"You have passed every test of the academy, so I must now address you properly as the rightful prince and the son of the Lord."


Yeowun had passed all tests, so he was not a cadet anymore. All princes of the Lord had the right to become treated with respect, but he was only treated as mere cadet because that was the rule of the academy. Chun Yeowun was still dumbfounded and Lee Hameng continued.

"It was rule of the academy and I wasn't certain until now, so I apologize for just watching you until now, prince."

Yeowun wasn't sure what Lee Hameng was talking about. Lee Hameng then brought up his head and looked at Yeowun and spoke.

"I am sure you are confused. Let me ask you frankly. Did you learn the founding of truth left by Father Chun Ma?"

Yeowun became grim. He didn't think Lee Hameng will talk specifically about that.

'So he knew.'