Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Hidden underground treasure (4)

"That's how it was for a long time until the day." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The Lord of Demonic Cult was originally required to set out upon pilgrimage after becoming a new Lord. Chun Muhey, Lord from 500 years ago, was also required for this and had set out for pilgrimage after five years of becoming the Lord.

"And in that pilgrimage the worst incident within the history of our cult had happened."

Every member who set out on the pilgrimage had come back as a corpse. That was when the Right Guardian at the time had died also, who didn't have any successor. This required a new Right Guardian. The death of one of the top five warriors of Wulin brought a shock to the cult or the Wulin alike.

"Who can kill the Lord who was one of the top five warriors of the Yulin?"

"Did you hear about the name, Blade God?"

"Blade God!"