Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Hidden underground treasure (5)

The death of leader of the Demonic Cult was not something to be considered lightly. Demonic Cult officially announced Blade God as an enemy and traced him down. The enemy was someone that no one really knew who he actually was.

"Only surviving cultist said the killer introduced himself as Blade God. That was our only clue."

The Blade God who had killed Chun Muhey, the Right Guardian, and entire Guardian forces disappeared after the incident. Many cultists were dispatched to look for him but they couldn't find a trace. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"It was two years ago when he reappeared."

The place he appeared was the capitol for the Force of Justice. It mountain where the Sorim Monastery was located, where all martial art had begun that no evil force nor cult can go easily.

"And surprisingly, Monk Kong Wun, one of another top five warriors of Wulin was killed there."