Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Hidden underground treasure (6)

Lee Hameng smiled, proving that Yeowun's answer was correct.

"Yes. He had two purpose. One of it was to find the real successor who will succeed the truths that Father Chun Ma had found through his swords."

"If that was the reason, why did he created the academy here?"

Yeowun didn't seem to understand the reason and Hameng continued to explain. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"When Sword Demon retired, elders now took control of the cult."

Sword Demon had to be Vice Chief against his will, but he was still a loyal cultist. He couldn't succeed the Sword Force of the Sky Demon fully, but he believed that there will be a future member of the Chun family who will truly succeed the secret left behind Father Chun Ma. Sword Demon then believed he had to protect the prison cave and the Demon Seal Cave and created the Academy so that no clans could think to have their hands on.

"Sword Demon had left works to guardians before his death."