Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Scheme (4)

Churku told the other cadets that his plans worked. He knew that Yeowun will lose his internal energy and slowly die, so they ambushed without hesitation.

'I need to make sure.'

If Chun Yeowun had lost his internal energy, then it was probably possible to defeat him alone, but it was the first time Churku used poison against superior level warrior. There was a chance that the poison might kick in late because of the high level of internal energy, so they gathered. They were four grandmaster level warriors. There was no way for Chun Yeowun to survive this. Churku then began to speak what Yeowun did not know.

"Hah. Let's see if you can keep that smirk on your face even when you end up at the medical room along with your friends. Oh, of course if you can survive here, that is."

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