Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Scheme (5)

After about thirty minutes, Yeowun who took care of four cadets from six clans, quickly ran through to find his members. If what Baek Churku said was true, then it meant his members were in danger. And if Chun Muyun attacks them while Yeowun wasn't with them, then they were not going to easy. Yeowun needed to move fast. And as he moved through, he felt the energy.

'There!' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yeowun felt many energy sources coming into his direction quickly. And soon, Yeowun found those who ran through toward his direction.


"Prince Chun!"

It was Yeowun's members. With their body steaming with heat from internal energy, it was sure that they have been looking for Yeowun as well. As expected, Yeowun's members have been searching around from the training room, and was now toward the dorm room.

"Ah you're okay. Thank goodness."

Mun Ku sighed in relief as she checked that Yeowun was safe. Other members seemed they were relieved also.

"Master, are you okay?"