Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Scheme (7)

The clear sign of the Wise Energy Hand made them become a suspect. But the problem was that they weren't the ones who did this. They had to explain.




Jinyun spoke out that it wasn't them, but Muyeon stopped him from doing that.

[It's a trap.]

[A trap?]

[There is skillbook for the Wise Energy Hand at the fifth floor of t he library.]


Muyeon was quick to recover from the shock. He was the one who set up this scheme in the first place, so it was apparent as to who was behind killing of these cadets. But he was surprised at two things, as he never saw Chun Yeowun killing ones that attacked him like this.

'So, he don't need to care anymore?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

And second thing he was shocked was that Yeowun had become very cunning. He didn't think Yeowun will take this as a chance to strike back. Just by one formation of the Wise Energy Hand made Chun Muyeon become a suspect.

'He is really dangerous.'