Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Scheme (8)

Muyeon closed both eyes and sighed. He told Jinyun to be quiet, but Jinyun broke at the end. But Muyeon couldn't blame him either, as if he were to be expelled at the crime of killing cadets, then he was going to lose the competition anyway.

Lee Hameng then signed instructors to stop from coming. Jinyun then thought he had gotten a chance.

'I have to explain so that we will look the least involved.'

Lee Hameng looked at him without any word and Jinyun began to explain what had happened, with slight change with it. As these cadets were already dead, he decided to blame all guilt upon them. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"So, I declined as it didn't seem like a fair competition. Think about it, Chief. What good does it do if we kill them? And if our Master Chun is expelled, then we lose to compete in the competition. We found out they were dead when we came here."

Lee Hameng, who heard the story, looked weird. He didn't seem to raise any question at all. Jinyun then continued on to the next step.