Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Worth of a heir (1)

In the 500 years of history of the Demonic Academy, it was the first time that members of six clans all died in one night. Bodies were sent to their respective clans the next afternoon. It was sure that the situation will become worse, so the letter was also delivered that suspect Chun Muyeon and Mu Jinyun will be arrested in prison cave until all elders and the Lord returns to the cult.

And at the Chief's office on the first floor, Hou Jinchang and Lee Hameng were talking.

"It was amazing."

Hou Jinchang spoke and Lee Hameng nodded in agreement. These two already knew that the true culprit behind the killing of these four cadets Chun Muyeon nor Jinyun.

"It will be hard to recognize who's behind just by looking at the body." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Even Lee Hameng thought of Chun Muyeon when he saw the tracing left on Baek Churku's body.

'I am curious myself.'