Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Worth of a heir (3)

Three days passed after members from four of six clans had died. Starting with the fight between the Poison Clan and Wise Clan, there had been many incidents between six clans that turned the atmosphere around the castle of Demonic Cult to be cold. With the Lord and elders missing from their seats for a long time, all these tensions were just growing further.

There were also changes to the Demonic Academy. With Chun Muyeon and Mu Jinyun imprisoned in prison cave with their internal energy sealed, all members of Muyeon's group were shocked. As they heard that Muyeon was imprisoned because he was being accused as killing members of other clans, they knew that there were no way to win the competition anymore. Those who entered the group to support Chun Muyeon on becoming the Lord left the group. Guk Shin, left hand man of Chun Muyeon tried to stop them from leaving, but he didn't have any option.

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