Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Worth of a heir (5)

'So it's true that the leader of the Poison Clan really died.'

The guard was really shocked. The death of the Poison Clan's leader, Baek Oh, was already widely known throughout the cult. When people heard that Baek Oh died from participating in the sixth test of the academy, they were curious as to who this Chun Yeowun was.

'He's merely a teenager and already at the superior level!' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

It was hard to believe. This young man in front of him was either equal to or was a stronger warrior than Huan Yi the Thousand Faces. But why was Chun Yeowun, who should still be at the academy, standing here? One of other guards spoke.

"I'll let the elder know. Can you wait here please?"


The guard opened a small door on the right next to the giant door and walked in. Hu Bong whispered to Ko Wanghur, "This place is creepy it feels like a ghost might come out."

"I know."