Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Worth of a heir (6)

Nhu Yayen shouted at front of the guesthouse. There was a large table in the open area inside the guesthouse, where seven middle-aged men with blue silk clothes were sitting down. They all had the same faces.


He heard Huan Yi was the best craftsman for creating such a skin mask, but didn't think it would be this precise. All of them looked natural and even felt like if they were the same person. As Yeowun got up to the floor, one man sitting on the highest-ranking seat got up and bowed.

"Welcome. I am Huan Yi, leader of the Ghost Illusion Clan." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Mun Ku then became confused. The face wasn't what she saw before. With the nickname of a 'Thousand Faces,' it was known that no one other than the Lord saw Huan Yi's real face.

'What is he doing? I know he was weird but this is'

Mun Ku heard a lot about Huan Yi from her grandfather already. She knew Huan Yi was a weird person, but she didn't think he would do something weird during the first visit.