Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Worth of a heir (7)

"Huh? Me?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Nhu Yayen widened his eyes and pointed at himself. He was a man, but had red silk clothes with butterfly patterns and makeup that made him hard to be imagined to be one of 12 elders of the Demonic Cult.

[Prince Chun. Didn't Uncle Huan I mean the Elder asked you to find him among these people?]

Mun Ku quickly sent the telepathic message to Yeowun. Huan Yi pointed at six people sitting down around him. It was hard to recognize who was the real Huan Yi here, but Mun Ku was suspicious of the man who turned slightly at her while ago to be the real Huan Yi. She was going to let him know after spending some time, but she didn't expect Yeowun to appoint someone entirely out of context.

"Hmmm this is shocking. I didn't think you would say I am the master."

Nhu Yayen frowned as he touched on his lips. Chun Yeowun then pointed at seven Huan Yis sitting down on the desk.