Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Worth of a heir (10)

Bakgi quickly found where the sound of metal clashes coming from. It was beyond the small building to the right after the main courtyard. Bakgi quickly tried to ran toward the place, but he had to stop after a few steps. A man with blue silk clothes suddenly appeared and attacked Bakgi. It was an ambush, but Bakgi was quickly able to counter back with his kicks. After fighting against each other for one formation, two of them distanced themselves from each other. The middle-aged man looked surprised at Bakgi, a young man with such power. But the young man shouted right after. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Young man. How dare you break into this place?!"

And at that word, over fifty warriors with black clothes and arms came out of the building and tried to circle them.


Hu Bong, Ko Wanghur and Sama Chak then followed and placed their back at Bakgi's back.

"Hmm. This is what I expected."