Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Into the snake's mouth (2)

And the day had passed. At the dark, swampy place, there was just one candle that lit up the place. The room was covered with iron bars that it was only possible to be opened from outside. Inside the cell, the smell of blood filled the entire room. And on the wall, there was man bound by chains on both of his arm, hung up on the wall. He was naked, but his body was bloody from severe torture. He had no nails, and his fingers and toes were cut down, that it was wrapped with linen wrap. Each of his wounds was spilling puss. The man's head fell from passing out due to severe torture. The middle-aged man who seemed to be torturer then placed a heated metal stamp into the man's chest.


The man then woke up with a painful scream. His face covered with hairs were revealed. It was the guard, Jang Gageng who was missing. He was already destroyed inside out with three days of torture. Wuxiaworld for visiting.