Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Into the snake's mouth (4)

If they return from scouting three clans, then Yeowun will be able to find out. They would have seen people going in and out of each mansion, so it was likely they will find out who was behind this. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

And at dinner time, the time for three people to come was up. The first one to return was Ko Wanghur who went to scout Lust clan. Wanghur said that there were people going in and out of Lust clan, but they didn't mobilize any of their forces or any signs of preparing warriors. Yeowun also asked if Wanghur saw any man covering his face with a bamboo hat, but Wanghur said no.

"So, it's not the Lust clan."

"I think so. It is likely from Wise or Sword clan."

And if two others come, who was behind was going to be found out. An hour passed. But Bakgi or Sama Chak did not return from their scouting.

"They are being too late."

The sun was already going down. Hu Bong kept waiting outside the gate, but there was no one returning to them.