Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Into the snake's mouth (7)

She then kept her calm. She remembered that Chun Muyun was still locked at the prison cave at the Demonic Academy. If Chun Yeowun had gotten out of the academy, then he was outsider there.

'If he infiltrated the academy, Left Guardian would not have let him go free. This is a lie.'

Lady Mu then thought Yeouwn was bluffing, so she glared back and spoke.

"It seems you tried hard to fool me. So, you harmed my boy at the academy? Do you think I will be fooled by"

"Oh, I forgot another thing."


Yeowun then placed down something else on the table. It was a medal that proved holder was a member of the Wise clan, with red threads tied on the handle. Lady Mu knew what that was.

'It's the medal I gave it to him!'

She finally realized why Yeowun didn't seem afraid nor desperate. Lady Mu tried to get Yeowun by holding hostage, but she didn't imagine she'll be countered by the same method. She gritted her teeth.

'I had him stay at the prison cave for nothing!' Wuxiaworld for visiting.