Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Into the snake's mouth (9)

"Are they okay?"

Chun Yeowun asked worryingly at Huan Yi. Huan Yi then became grim and answered.

"Sama Chak and Bakgi are okay, with minor internal damage. But your Guard is in serious condition. I called the doctor but he can die at any moment."

Huan Yi, after being ordered by Yeowun was already on standby near the Wise clan. When warriors of the Wise clan went into the mansion and brought out the hostage, Huan Yi ambushed them immediately. They took the hostage back, but Guard Jang was in a terrible state. If Yeowun had seen Guard Jang with all of his bodies burned and his nails, teeth all pulled out, Yeowun would have been so shocked.


And as he heard that Guard Jang was on the verge of death, terrifying hostile aura began to rose out from Yeowun's body. The anger he had been holding back had finally exploded.

'W-what is that energy?'

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