Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Into the snake's mouth (11)

The aura of hostility grew stronger as he walked closer. Even if Lady Mu was strong, she was merely at the end stage of super master level warrior. She couldn't bear to breathe under the pressure coming from Chun Yeowun's end stage of supreme level energy.

'Iis he going to kill me here too?'

She had set up a trap so she can kill him, but it was she who was being threatened with death. She couldn't understand what had gone wrong. Chun Yeowun got up to her and looked down at her.

"Did you feel enough pain?"

"Why are you doing this to me? It's me who set up traps, why did you kill my Aaahh!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yeowun kicked Lady Mu's stomach before she can finish and she was thrown all the way back. It didn't wield any energy, but powerful force pushed her back, twisting her organs. Blood began to come over her throat as she got up in pain and Yeowun walked over to her.

"Do you think you will die comfortably when you killed my mother?"