Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Into the snake's mouth (12)

And now it returns to the present. The crumpled letter had every detail revolving around Chun Yeowun's mother, Lady Hwa's death and to how the Wise clan kidnapped Yeowun's servant. Lady Mu became pale as she trembled with rage as she read through. She was both dumbfounded and enraged at the same time.

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She did not imagine that Chun Jongsum, merely a living corpse living day to day on a bed would send this kind of letter to Chun Yeowun. Every mystery was solved. The reason why Chun Yeowun knew who was behind the kidnapping, and how he knew Lady Mu was behind the killing of his mother it was all because of Chun Jongsum.

'How can I from that living corpse!!'


Lady Mu ripped apart the letter that destroyed everything and screamed maniacally. If it wasn't for this letter, she would have not been in such a state. She then glared at Chun Yeowun and shouted.

"YES! I killed your dirty, piece of scum, whore mother!!"