Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Second approval (2)

At the same time at the guesthouse of the Ghost Illusion clan, Chun Yeowun was standing with a grim face, with his members by his side. All of them were sullen, seeming to not have slept over night. Chun Yeowun told his members to go rest, but they couldn't let his master stay awake while they go to sleep.

'Hm he would be very tired from what happened yesterday.'

But they couldn't dare tell Yeowun to go take rest. Chun Yeowun stayed up all night, as Guard Jang was in a dire state. Lee Hameng called Baek Jongmeng to look after Guard Jang. They wanted the Demon Doctor, Baek Jongwu, but he was the doctor of the Lord and went together outside the cult. Chun Yeowun was grim after he heard that Guard Jang might not make it through the night.


Many memories made him more painful. If even Guard Jang died here, then every tie he had with his childhood would be lost.

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