Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Second approval (3)

Before coming out of the Demonic Academy, Yeowun was briefed of information about various clans through Left Guardian Lee Hameng, especially of those from 12th elders. It was information that Lord's palace gathered and kept. Lee Hameng also talked about 10th elder Yin Moha. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'There are two elders who even the Lord himself consider them difficult to deal with, due to their characteristics. One of them is 10th elder Yin Moha.'

Another was Huan Yi, the leader of Ghost Illusion clan. Yin Moha's Demonspread Sword clan claimed itself as a clan but there was no warrior aside from the leader herself. There was only the minimum number of staff in her mansion to keep it maintained. What was more weird was that unless there was a direct order from the Lord, or there is an elder meeting, she never came out of her mansion.