Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Second approval (4)

He wanted to leave a good impression for the first time, but with the person refusing to meet with him, it seemed it was better to go this way than to charge in through the mansion. The mansion was small, so the distance was enough.

"I will have to excuse you."


Chun Yeowun then brought up powerful energy and exploded out toward the mansion. Yeowun's energy at the supreme level was enough to provoke equal level warrior.


Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku and even Hu Bong were shocked by the power. Ones with weaker internal energy felt their legs shaking from powerful energy pressing down on them.


The man, who was just an ordinary man, became pale and slumped down to the ground. With such powerful energy focused on the mansion, it was sure that Yin Moha will react in some way if she is interested as a martial artist.


But there was no reaction from inside. Yeowun became dumbfounded.

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