Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Second approval (8)

Sword Demon shunned them from his apprenticeship at once. But that anger also came to Yin Hongsu, who wasn't involved in the greed. Yin Hongsu was also shunned. He had tried so hard in trying to learn the sword so he can succeed the Sword Family, but that wish was gone due to the other two men.

"My ancestor, Yin Hongsu was banished like that but he never forgot about Sword Demon."

And when Sword Demon died without taking any further apprentice, the Sword Family was lost forever. Yin Hongsu did not want the legend to be gone forever, so he claimed that he was the successor and created the second Sword Family. But that wasn't approved.

"Yin Hongsu was not approved only because he was banished in the middle from Sword Demon! But then!"

Yin Moha bit on her lips in anger. The elder meeting that did not approve Yin Hongsu, approved that Sword clan created by Kingchen, and Wise clan created by Mu Jurang to be the successor of the Sword Family.

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