Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Second approval (9)

"S-Skill book?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Yin Moha became dumbfounded. Everyone knew that Sword Demon had left no skill book of any kind before he died. And if there was any left, then Wise and Sword clan, most powerful clans at the time would have taken it for themselves.

"B-but there's no way Sword Demon would have left a book"

She became confused and Yeowun spoke to her.

"Do you know why the Demonic Academy was built?"


She became confused and Yeowun explained the story he heard from Lee Hameng, with the shortened version. The point was this. Sword Demon had created the Demonic Academy in order to find the true successor to his will. He then prepared so that the ones that pass the sixth test of the academy are allowed to retrieve the skill book that contained every martial art of the Sword Demon.

'I guess she doesn't need to know about the underground treasure vault.'