Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Second approval (10)


Wanghur then saw the man having bubbles over his mouth as he died. Wanghur tried to make him vomit it out, but the poison spread quickly over to the man's body and killed him.


Wanghur then turned to try to let Yeowun know, but Yeowun wasn't there. Chun Yeowun was at the roof of the building and dragging another man down. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'Oh, there was one more!'

The man was being held by his neck, with his chin distorted in a weird way. He was sealed of his movement by blood point before he chewed on the poison. On his hand, there was something shaped like a flute. It seemed that was the weapon used to shoot this projectile.

"Stand guard for her."

Yeowun ordered at his members. Three of them nodded and stood guard in three ways around Yin Moha. Yeowun threw the man down inside of the building and reached out toward the man's mouth. He seemed he didn't understand what Yeowun was trying to do.

'W-what? What is going on?!'