Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Unexpected Offer (3)

After leaving the Demonspread Sword clan, Chun Yeowun was concerned. He had thought that he alone had learned the sword skills that Father Chun Ma and Sword Demon had left. But it turned out that there was someone else who learned it before him. He then remembered what Left Guardian Lee Hameng spoke to him about. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'The sword tracing on the pedestal was copied and made it as a book.'

Even if it had no use without the specific energy flow, it was still the sword skill left by the Founding Father of the Demonic Cult, so Sword Demon copied it before he went on to destroy during his practice and sent it to the Lord's palace.

'Lord's palace then only one who can see the book is the Lord himself.'

Was the Lord Anonymous then? But that didn't explain how the man knew Twenty Four Demon Sword. The Lord was in his 50s, so it didn't make sense to say he maybe had passed the 6th test of the Demonic Academy.

'Do I need to ask Left Guardian? Or'