Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Face off (2)

Hu Bong then pointed toward the back of the parade. Yeowun and his members became surprised at the ones following from behind. They wore different clothes, and the letter the flag showed was clearly who they were.

[Yulin Clan] Wuxiaworld for visiting.

These people were from the Yulin Clan, the largest group from the Forces of Justice. It was the first time in the Cult's history where members from Justice walked into the castle. Crowds began to grow noisy.

'What is this?'

'Yulin clan?'

'Didn't the ambassadors come last time?'

And unlike the last time, there was a large number of them entering the gate. Crowds then began to boo and taunt at members of Yulin clan.


And warriors from Yulin clan too looked very nervous and tense. Within them, there were multiple other clan flags from the forces of justice. At the center, there were two carriages covered with golden clothes, that showed that important members were in it.

"Oh, it's very interesting, I see."