Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Face off (5)

"Please approve me as the heir to the throne!"

With Chun Yeowun's unexpected request, everyone within the Grand Hall became shocked. Those who were most shocked were elders from five clans. They were uncomfortable about Yeowun becoming an elder, and became even furious when Yeowun asked for approval to become the heir.


'He aimed for this!'

Yeowun had gone for a chance to request the Lord. And there were three elders who were behind Yeowun. They were surely approving of Yeowun.

'S-since when he persuaded them?'

'Yin Moha? Huan Yi?' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Aside from Sama Yi, Yin Moha and Huan Yi were known for their unruly nature and stubbornness. But both of them were now on their knees and asking for Yeowun's ascension to the future Lord.

'I have to stop'

But elders from five clans had no reason or way to stop this from happening. And with all clan leaders within the cult looking at them, they couldn't just object out of emotion without being ridiculed after.