Nano Machine Retranslated Version Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Face off (7)

With two force qi colliding, an explosive sound filled the Great Hall. Yeowun's formation was the third formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword. With twenty-four sword movements being combined, its power became like a storm.

"It's impossible!"

"He's blocking it!"

Everyone was shocked to see Chun Yeowun blocking against Mu Jinwon's powerful sword skill that no one thought it was possible to defend against. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'This is it Twenty Four Demon Sword?'

Mu Jinwon frowned. The formation that Yeowun was using was the formation that Anonymous once showed.

'How did he learn this sword skill?'

Mu Jinwon was surprised, but he quickly used the formation of True Demon Sword in his right hand to fight against Twenty Four Demon Sword, and thrust his left.


The formation used by the left finger was the Wise Sword skill. Powerful sword skill came through the Twenty Four Demon Sword and countered it.


Yeowun was struck on his shoulder and stomach and was pushed back.